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Bali & Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF)

The annual event, BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR , is recognized as Indonesia’s leading international travel fair that focuses on promoting tourism in Indonesia to the world by bringing together buyers and sellers in a single B2B  forum. This year, the eighth BBTF will be held in Bali, Indonesia’s gateway of tourism to the world, taking the date from 14 – 17 June 2022 at the Bali International Convention Center, ITDC, Nusa Dua, Bali.

BALANCING IN HARMONY – the theme of the 8th BBTF2022 – bringing the highlight of community tourism that offers the authentic experience of people life, traditions and philosophy. The Balance of relationship with Nature, God and People (Tri Hita Karana )that lead to the harmony of Body, Mind and Soul. Come and join us -from sport, wellness to health tourism. simbolize at the infinity of number 8 all connected –Back to Bali!!!! NOW IS THE TIME — If you are on tourism industry – note the date 14-17 June 2022 at BICC Bali – register at www.bbtf.or.id